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If you were given a bronze G-Spotless medallion, consider yourself one of the select few.  The four primary members of our camp, Socrates, Calahan, Kokopele, and Big White Tuna Can, produced about 300 of these, each giving out about 60.

Present this medallion at the G-Spotless camp at any future Burns and receive a friendly smile, a willing ear, something to drink and a shady spot.  You are now family.

If you would like to reach any of us, you may email us at the follow addresses: -> Socrates -> Callahan -> Kokopelli -> Big White Tuna Can

It was a pleasure meeting you all — email us photos and stories please!


2014 Burn Complete! Ahhhh 2-ply

With the wrapping-up of Burning Man 2014, I’ve arrived home, showered twice and reflected on the glory that is 2-ply bathroom tissue.  So many amazing experiences, so many new people, and a nickname change to boot.  Dead is “Balls”… long live “Socrates.”

More to follow….